If plastic wrap was utilized to protect your tattoo, please keep the plastic wrap on for approximately two hours. I usually use adhesive bandages for my clients which can be kept on the clients skin for three to four days. The adhesive bandage is waterproof allowing you to shower without discomfort so you can resume your everyday activities with minimal to no discomfort. The adhesive bandage protects your new tattoo from infection, scabbing and any other irritants.

When it's time to remove your bandage, rinse any build up residue on your tattoo with warm water and gently clean it with antibacterial soap. Pat down the tattooed area with a clean paper towel and let it air dry. Apply a thin layer of Aquaphor or Hustle Butter ointment 3-4 days a time as needed. It is important to keep your new tattoo clean and moisturized during the healing process. Keep your tattoo CLEAN. Please seek medical attention if warranted.



1. Avoid any soaps or lotion with any fragrances or harsh chemicals as they can irritate your skin.

2. Do not scratch or pick after your tattoo if it becomes itchy during the peeling process. 

3. Keep the tattoo away from direct sunlight.

4. Avoid tanning beds, gym and soaking the tattoo in water.



Before deciding if your tattoo needs retouching, please allow a month minimum for it to heal completely. Your tattoo is healed when it stops flaking. Check your tattoo to see if all lines are healed well. If you have any concerns or question, please email me directly with a picture of your tattoo. I will respond and offer a time to perform the touch-up if deemed necessary.