My process is quite specific! I open my books normally a month ahead and book for two months. All updates are notified through my instagram account, @novchild.jpg. For efficiency and to make the process faster, I use Google Forms. It doesn't take me long to reply, so my spots fill out fast! At the time, I am only doing flash and not offering custom designs. I do not take walk ins or in person-consultations, everything is done through email. 


I do not repeat flash designs (I have done so in the past)! I believe that everyone would like a unique tattoo of their own. My mind is very fast I always need to change up what I'm doing! All flashes are updated through my IG (@novchild.jpg) highlight. Please refrain from dm-ing me as dm's tend to get lost through my inbox. Everything is first come first serve!


Deposits are nonrefundable ($100). They are required in order for you to secure your appointment. The deposit will go towards the final price of your tattoo. 

Once the appointment date has been confirmed, you will be asked to send in a deposit. I suggest to do this as soon as possible as it shows that you are ready! If you need to reschedule, you will be asked put down another deposit (this differs from artist to artist).


I price based on flash! It all depends on the placement, level of detail, and size. Please refrain from negotiating pricing with the artist. Tattoo pricing in the NY area is expensive due to the fact that a large chunk of our earnings for one tattoo goes to the shop in order to pay rent/etc. It also helps the artist pay for their supplies.


The studio takes cash and card (tax is charged to card).


I believe tipping anywhere from 15% to 30% is common for tattoo artists. It is greatly appreciated but not required!